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Pet Owner's Guide to Maintaining a Clean Home

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

They often say that love and logical thinking don't mix well together. So too is it true for pets and clean homes. While we love our furry friends to pieces, it is only logical to assume that cleanliness will have to suffer as a result...or will it? There is always the option of hiring a cleaning company, which comes with a list of pros, but what can you do if that is not a viable option? While a happy pup cannot understand why him expressing his excitement by knocking over things is problematic for so-called humans, there are certain tricks one can employ to make sure their homes remain nice and neat. If you are the lucky owner of a beloved pet, pour yourself a beverage of your own choosing and get nice and comfy. Here is the pet owner's guide to maintaining a clean home.

Public Enemy Number One- Pet Hair

We have known many people who have proclaimed their love for dogs, cats, etc. If you ask them why they never got a pet, they will tell you it's because of pet hair. It really does tend to get everywhere. The tool most will reach for is the vacuum cleaner. While this gets the job done, you will also need additional help for the most part. A lint roller is a must. After you finish vacuuming, use the lint roller to pick up anything that might have been missed. It's also great for those situations where you don't have time for a proper clean-up but want to make the house look presentable.

However, there is one more life hack we would like to present you with. Duct tape is a wonderful little invention that has been used in a myriad of different ways. Now it's time to use it to help with your pet's fur, dander, and debris. By combining a paint roller cover and some duct tape, you can pick up all that excess hair lying around the house, on the furniture, carpets, and corners. You just roll it over the offending area and watch it become magically hair free! A little bonus tip on top of all of this; brush your dog regularly. It will help with hair, but it is also actually a good bonding ritual of sorts. Of course, you can always contact professional cleaners if all of this sounds like too big of a hassle. But if you are looking to save money, you know what to do.

If ever there was a cute keep the scene heart-warming, have the duct tape ready to leave the sofa looking spotless once they get up


There's a simple solution, enzyme products. They eat away at the organic matter that is the source of the odor. So if you see a pesky animal stain, make sure you spray it and give the product time to do its thing. Most dog owners know that they are not overly fond of baths. Hands up if this has happened to you. Your buddy has just been freshly washed. They look fabulous. You go for a walk to show the whole world what an amazing dog you have. A neighbor or passerby might stop to say hello. You get distracted for that briefest of moments. As you turn around to see where they are, you see they are already rolling around on the ground. There is no need to check what it is - they have found a smell they like. One you definitely won't like. Luckily, there are odor-eliminating, non-toxic sprays out there that you can use to eliminate that smell. Talking about toxic sprays, make sure you find a list of toxic cleaners commonly used and watch for these products. Be sure always to use safe cleaning agents.

Oh yes, you can put your hands down now.

Get Acquainted with my Good Buddy Baking Soda

Pet beds are, surprisingly, places where your pet will spend a lot of time! Therefore, be sure to think ahead before buying one. You want to get one that is water-resistant so that you can wipe them more easily. Furthermore, you will want to get one with removable covers. Detergents and soaps are great, but adding baking soda to the mix can make all the difference. They are anti-bacterial agents and will also kill off those nasty odors. It works with upholstery too! You can take care of most problems by sprinkling baking soda on the fabric and letting it sit for a while before removing it with a vacuum cleaner. Hopefully, you will notice the odor and any light stains disappear along with the powder.

Get to know your new best pal in the fight against odors and tick off a major point from our pet owner’s guide to maintaining a clean home!

No Pet Owner's Guide to Maintaining a Clean Home is Complete without the Basics

Let's run through a few more common tricks people employ to help maintain a clean home:

  • Clean paws- We all hate rainy days. Especially pet owners. Some dogs are less willing to go outside when the weather is being disagreeable, which also means that they bring back half the outdoors with them. Make sure to clean their paws before you enter the house. Paw wipes, baby wipes, damp cloths...pick your weapon of choice. Make sure they are clean before letting your beast loose around the house.

  • Groomers to the rescue- A groomer will help cut your pet's hair and get rid of excess hair they have. They can also help clean and wash your beloved friend.

  • Food and water- You may have noticed that some dogs have trouble keeping their water and food in their respective bowls. Change their food and water regularly, 'serve' it on a surface that can be easily cleaned (carpets- no, a hard surface that is easy to wipe-yes), and putting a placemat beneath the bowl won't hurt either!

  • You to the rescue- Bathe them regularly. It seems like common sense, but we sometimes forget until a friend draws our attention to the fact that our furry chum can be felt from a mile away!

They may not be fans of baths, but you can turn this activity into quality time together


Now and again, the time will come when we need to move some things into storage. We may need more space due to the arrival of a new family member (be they of the human or furry variety), or we are not sure what to do with some old furniture. We do not want to throw it away, but we cannot keep it in our homes anymore. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for this - you can always rent storage in California. With a storage unit at hand, you will have a place for your items, and you can be sure that they are safe and sound.

You Can Have it All!

There it is, folks. If you follow our pet owner's guide to maintaining a clean home, you really can have it all, a happy pet and a clean home! Yes, it requires a little more work, but as any pet owner knows, it's always worth the effort...and if you need a helping hand, you know who to contact and who has your back!

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