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Toxic Cleaners We Have ALL Used

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

We know you've heard this a million times, "Bleach is highly toxic." We know it, you know it, everyone knows it, but even with this knowledge Bleach continues to be one of the most popular cleaning products. If you've used it (which you probably have) you've probably experienced some type of irritation in your eyes, skin or it has even affected your breathing. If it's so bad for us, why do some of us continue to use it? If we're being completely honest, probably because of its price and because bleach does effectively kill all bacteria and germs for the most part. However, is it really worth risking yours and your family's health? There's plenty of other products that will at the end of the day disinfect just as well, the only downside is it might take a little more work than simply using bleach.

We know about Bleach and maybe you have stopped using it, but are you still using products that are considered toxic without knowing? Here are some popular cleaning products that you might have not known were toxic.

Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner: This is a popular all-purpose cleaner used in households. What makes matters worse is that it's an all purpose cleaner meaning it is likely used ALL over the house. The container it comes in even instructs you to dilute with a good amount of water because of how concentrated it is. It is currently banned by the European Union because of eye irritation and red blood cell damage since the skin absolves it.

Scrubbing Bubbles: Typically used for cleaning bathroom surfaces such as toilets or showers. It can irritate and inflame the lungs!

Comet: Comet has many uses from the kitchen to the bathroom. However, the Environmental Working Group found that Comet emitted 146 different chemicals, some that have been linked to cancer, asthma and reproductive disorders.

Mr. Clean, 409 All-Purpose, Easy-Off and Febreze Sprays: All these have different uses, the reason I put them all together is because while they are all used for different reasons, they all contain ammonium compounds or ethanolamine. What is that? Well they're chemicals that can cause asthma attacks and even bring back asthma to someone who had been asthma-free.

Side story: If you decide to still use Easy-Off, wear some gloves, because if you have contact with it ,you will likely feel some burning irritation (I should've listened to my mom).

There's plenty of more toxic products out there, but these are just some of the most commonly used.


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