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7 Things You Should Do Before Your House Cleaner Arrives

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Are you getting ready for the big seasonal cleaning? Or, are you about to make your home perfectly clean for some big event? Well, there is no reason to do everything by yourself. Nowadays there are excellent professional cleaning services at your disposal. They can make your life easier and save you a lot of time. So, if you decide to call for help, here are some things you should do before your house cleaner arrives.

1. Do an in-advance research

Are you sick of coming back home from work knowing that you still haven't dealt with the vacuuming and dusting that was scheduled for the last weekend? That means another two to three hours of hard work that's waiting for you. Well, maybe it's time to end up with that and hire a professional cleaning company to help you.

Don't let cleaning become your horror story.

However, not every house cleaner that you can come across is good. What's more, in order to get really professional service you need to do good and thorough research. Go online, and search for the best house cleaning services in your city. Or ask around and find out about other people's experiences. Remember, the better you do your research, the less are chances you will be disappointed with what you get or that you'll meet some misunderstandings.

2. Deal with your clutter- one of the things you should do before your house cleaner arrives

It is true that hiring professionals to put your home in order means the whole organizing responsibility is on their part, but it would be better if they focus on cleaning only. Dealing with the clutter should be your concern. It will both prevent them from throwing away some important papers they come across on the countertops and give them more time to devote to dusting and wiping.

What's more, if you are dealing with deep cleaning, it would be good to find suitable storage space and put excess items in a unit before your cleaners arrive. Remember, the more you declutter your home, the easier and faster it will be for them to clean it up.

3. Take care of the fragile items

For all of you who don't have enough time for the housework or whose sensitive hands have already suffered too much cleaning, it may be high time to think about professional cleaning services.

However, there are some things for whose cleaning you can trust no one but yourself. Just think about some of your precious china or your favorite crystal vase. You probably cannot bear breaking it. Yet, accidents happen. That's why the best thing you should do is to talk about that with your cleaners in advance and warn them to pay some extra attention to your fragile items.

Some items require some extra attention.

4. Important documents and valuable items should stay safe

Your cleaner might be the most credible one in the world, but there is nothing like complete trust in a stranger. So, make sure you don't have to run after your valuable items after the cleaner leaves your home. And, when it comes to the paperwork, no one but you knows whether it's essential or just something you want to get rid of.

Therefore, keeping them all in the safety of your cabinets and drawers is better. Only then can you be sure that everything will be in its place. Do not leave your cleaners to decide what to keep and what to throw away.

5. Take your pets with you

All pet owners know how difficult it is to keep your home clean if you share your home with your furry friend. It really takes a lot of time and effort to make the place free of hairs, odors, and all the other special effects that living with a pet brings.

Having your house cleaned by some professionals from time to time can save you a lot of trouble. But, as you can suppose, your pet just can't stay at home during the cleaning up. They would distract the cleaner or make some additional mess. Moreover, your cleaner might also have some phobias, especially regarding dogs. So, the best you can do is to take your pet with you till the cleaning is done.

6. Deal with your dirty dishes

Dishwashing is not usually a part of the cleaning services you'll find. That's, of course, unless you make it as a special request. Moreover, putting your dirty dishes away before your cleaners arrive will leave them more space to clean your kitchen, especially your sink. And, then again, dirty plates and cups are not something you would like to be the first thing someone would see when they enter your home. Not even the person who came there to clean it up. So, be a good host, and deal with your dishes on time.

Get your kitchen ready for the cleaners.

7. Make sure you've understood each other well

There is no better way to have everything done correctly than to make a good plan. That's why you should communicate with your cleaner and make it clear what exactly you are expecting from their service. What's more, creating a list of the chores would be a perfect solution.

Don't forget to mention any special requirements, and remember that nothing is implied. If you are already paying for the service, you should have everything done well and on time. This is especially important if, for example, you are expecting a baby but are not able to do the detailed 'before baby arrives cleaning' by yourself. You don't want any surprises when your clock is ticking rapidly.

If you have second thoughts about hiring professional cleaning help for your home, these preparation tips can be beneficial. Now that you know all the basic things you should do before your house cleaner arrives, there is no way that something will go wrong. However, there is one thing to remember- try not to expect too much.

Author bio:

Mary Lenox lives in London. She is 30 years old and works as a company manager. Spending time with animals or reading are her favorite hobbies. Writing is her passion as well, and she writes interesting blogs in her free time.

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