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  • Sally Norton

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Home

You know how often you have to dust and vacuum. You know how often you have to do the dishes and the laundry. But, do you know how often to deep clean your home? Believe it or not, many people don't. So, they either end up over-cleaning a certain part of their home or not cleaning it enough.

There is no reason for you to lose your time and energy worrying about how often to clean certain parts of your home. You have us for that. Today we will tell you how often you need to clean each room in your beloved home. So, if this is something you want to find out, keep on reading.


We use kitchens to store and cook food, eat with loved ones, entertain friends, etc. So, it just goes without saying that we need to deep clean this part of our home often. But when and where to start?

Well, when it comes to cleaning the kitchen, you should start with floors and surfaces. Deep clean these once a week. But, use natural cleaning solutions as this is the area we keep our food in.

And, when it comes to the inside of your cabinets and appliances (fridge, stove, microwave, oven, dishwasher, etc.), deep clean them once a month. For these, we recommend using specialized cleaning solutions and some specialized brushes and sponges.

To have a healthy household, you must deep clean your home often.


If you want to thoroughly clean your home, you can't avoid the bathrooms. We know - these areas can be pretty disgusting, but if you don't clean them regularly, soon you will have to greet mold, fungus, and all sorts of bacteria in your home.

You will need to clean your bathroom 'superficially' every or every other day to get rid of the dust and mess. But, for things like your toilet, tub, and shower, you will have to deep clean once a week to prevent the previously mentioned mold, fungus, and bacteria.

Moreover, when it comes to deep cleaning your bathroom, remember to wash your towels and bath mats every week. Dead skin and hair can get stuck in them and irritate your face and body.

Cleaning your bathroom is mandatory before moving as well! It would help if you left it spotless to either get your deposit back or sell your home properly. This is one of the most important pre-move cleaning tips to keep in mind, so don't forget to do this before leaving! And don't forget to do this before moving into your new home, too - trust us, you don't want to use the previous owner's dirty toilet.

All Bedrooms

If you want to deep clean your home, you can't forget about the bedrooms. Your master bedroom, your guest bedroom, and all your kids' rooms should be deep cleaned every once in a while. This is necessary so you and your loved ones can have a healthy and good night's sleep.

Just like with all other rooms, you should vacuum and dust all the surfaces as often as possible. And it would help if you washed all the bedding as often as possible. But, you must thoroughly clean your mattresses, pillows, duvets, and blankets every six months. For these, it would be best to hire a cleaning company as their cleaning professionals are the only ones who can thoroughly clean and disinfect large and heavy items from your bedroom.

Moreover, if you are somebody who has allergies, it would be a good idea to do all the things mentioned above every three months. Sleeping in a bed that is not clean enough can worsen your allergies.

A clean bedroom is a happy bedroom.

Living Areas

As living and dining rooms are areas where we entertain our friends and family members, we should do everything in our power to keep them looking and smelling clean. But, unfortunately, for these, you will need help as well.

When it comes to things like your windows and drapes, you can clean them on your own. You just have to deep clean them every six months. However, for things like carpets and upholstered furniture pieces, you will need professional help. But don't worry, this kind of help is not expensive or time-consuming. You just have to call a professional carpet cleaner and a professional furniture cleaner to come to your home and provide their deep cleaning services for all your troubled areas. They will bring their deep cleaning vacuums that will suck out all the dirt from your fabrics.

If you are somebody who has allergies or if you have pets or small children, you should deep clean your living areas professionally every three months. But, if you don't have any of the 'things' mentioned above, once every six to eight months will be fine.

The more time you spend in your living areas, the more you should clean them.

Other Areas

We talked about how often you should deep clean all the most critical parts of your home. But that doesn't mean that you should forget about the rest. After all, if one part of your home is filled with clutter and dirt, all other parts will be affected, or let us say, infected.

Thus, when you decide to deep clean your home, think about your pantry, closets, attics, basements, garages, sheds, and all those hidden areas above your cabinets and under your stairs. Deep clean these every six months, and you won't have to worry about them violating the rest of your home.

Moreover, remember that besides cleaning, these areas need to be decluttered too! Thus, before you start preparing your home for deep cleaning, go through all of your belongings and decide what is worth keeping and what should hit the bin. Of course, don't just throw your unwanted items - that would be wasteful. Instead, donate them, give them to a friend or a family member, or sell them if you need some cash.

Hopefully, all the information mentioned above helped you answer your question of how often you should deep clean your home. However, at the end of the day, listen to your gut. If you think something needs cleaning daily, clean it. If you feel something shouldn't be cleaned that often, don't clean it.


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