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  • Sally Norton

7 Areas You Might be Neglecting to Clean

There are some places in your house that you probably miss when you are cleaning. We are here to help you find out more about the seven areas you might be neglecting to clean. They are :

  • bathroom

  • drawers

  • vacuum cleaner

  • cupboard and shelf tops

  • window blinds

  • door knobs and switches and

  • garbage cans.

So keep reading and learn more about each area.

The bathroom shouldn't be a place you often neglect to clean.

Why are we neglecting to clean our bathrooms?

Bathroom hygiene is the most important. We tend to forget that it's the room with the most germs and bacteria, so it needs cleaning very often. It's common not to like to clean the toilet seat, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't. Besides the toilet seat, we are sometimes neglecting to clean shower heads. The bathroom is probably the room that needs deep cleaning the most. It's where you do your skincare, take a shower, and maintain your hygiene. There are many cleaning agents you can use for cleaning the bathroom. They have a powerful smell, so it's good to open your windows when cleaning the bathroom. You should wipe your sink, faucets, and the counters where you keep your toothbrushes, toothpaste, face creams, etc. Don't forget to wipe the floor and let it dry. A slippery bathroom floor can cause serious injuries.


Drawers are practical for every room: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. If you don't clean them as much as you probably should, you have come to the right place. The first thing you should do is empty them. Take out everything and grab a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum all the dust and take a cloth and a spray. Make sure to wipe the whole drawer, including the handle. Now you can put everything in its place and organize it better. You can learn from them some cleaning tips which will help you in the future.

Remember to clean and organize your drawers.

Cupboard and shelf tops

When it comes to cleaning the tops of fridges, cupboards, and shelves, you would think it only implies dusting. That is the first thing you should do, but not the only one. After taking off the dust, you can get a microfiber cloth or a sponge and dip it in water. You can also use detergent to wipe down the tops. In the end, let them air dry. Some may neglect to clean them because they can't be seen or reached. After cleaning the shelf top, you can rearrange it and put things like candles, framed photos, and books. There is a right way to store your books which could be helpful to you. You can stick to it even if you want to put your books away if you are moving or want to rearrange them.

Vacuum cleaner

Even though vacuum cleaner is in our everyday use, we forget it also needs cleaning. If you want it to last, you need to maintain it. The first thing you should clean is the canister. Remove it and wipe it with a cloth. Then you can soak it in warm water and wait for it to dry to put it back. The next part you should clean is the filter. It also needs to be taken out of the vacuum cleaner. You can put it over a garbage can and tap it until all the dust comes out. Don't forget to check if the filter is washable or not. If yes, you can also wash it with warm water. If not, then you should replace it. The base plate is also supposed to be cleaned. You can remove from it hairs and parts that got stuck in it.

Vacuum cleaners also require cleaning every once in a while.

Door knobs and switches

Door knobs and switches may not seem so important when cleaning. They should be essential. We grab them and leave dirt but rarely wipe them. Some cleaning experts advise cleaning them two times a week. You will need a cloth and a disinfectant. Wipe the dust first and then use the disinfectant. You can wait for it to dry and wipe it with a dry, clean cloth. As for the light switches, the first step is to turn off the electricity. The plates can be taken off and washed. That will clean them well, but you can also clean them with a cloth. You could do this type of cleaning if you want to leave your old home spotless. For example, if you are moving and need to clean your apartment before moving out. Then you should pay attention to all the details you can clean.

Window blinds

If you clean your windows and not your blind, you should keep reading and find out why that is wrong. Don't forget that it's not embarrassing if you don't know these tips. Blinds contain a lot of dust. They aren't hard to clean; you can do that without taking them off. The only tool that you will need is a feather duster or a hand vacuum cleaner. If you want to clean them thoroughly, you should take them off. The best way is to fill your bathtub with warm water and add a detergent. Now put the blinds and grab a sponge or an old cloth. This is the most effective way to get rid of dirt properly. Warm water will kill all the bacteria, and you won't have any dust left. You can rinse them with cold water and wait for them to dry off before hanging them.

Garbage cans

Cleaning the garbage cans doesn't mean emptying them. You should take out the trash, but after that, you should clean the garbage can. How should you do that? You can wash it like mentioned before about other areas. You will need a sponge and some water. Make sure to wash it well and use a spray. The trash inside can stink, and the smell can spread easily. That is why it's recommended to deodorize the garbage can once it's air-dried. This is also an area we are neglecting to clean because we don't think it's that important. But hopefully, now you can pay attention to more details and areas when cleaning.

Final comment

Cleaning a house is not easy and can take some time. Many rooms and items in your home require cleaning, so it's understandable if you forget about something. We have shown you seven areas you might be neglecting to clean and hope this article has helped you. You wouldn't want your house or apartment to have bacteria, dead cells, or mites. That is why this article should help you pay more attention to some areas when you are tidying up. Take our advice and enjoy your clean and shining home!


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