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  • Sally Norton

6 Tips for Motivating Your Employees to Keep the Workplace Clean

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Keeping the office clean is everyone's job – both employer and employees have to maintain it regularly. If you are the company owner and want to keep your offices clean and tidy, there is an easy way to do it. All you have to do is motivate your employees to keep the workplace clean. Whether you work in a small office or a corporate building, take a look at the following tips. Here's how you can save time and create a positive and good-looking workplace with some help from your employees.

Cleaning their desk daily

There are many benefits to cleaning your desk every day. For starters, it will prevent the piles of dust from becoming overwhelming. Daily cleaning can be done in as little as 5 minutes at the end of the day. In addition, this will prevent you from dealing with a messy desk in the morning. Your employees will also avoid causing any illness by sneezing on their desks. It's a good idea to clean it with a damp cloth and wipe it dry with a soft towel.

When they're done cleaning the desk, they can place all of the items they need in separate compartments. Files and pens should be arranged by category, and sharp objects should be stowed away as soon as they've been used. It's important to wear gloves and wash your hands after cleaning your desk to avoid spreading germs. Cleaning the desk is an essential step toward keeping your workplace clean and healthy, which is why your employees can regularly clean to avoid allergies. Also, keep the surface free from stains and grime by disinfecting wipes.

Wiping down surfaces regularly

Using EPA-registered disinfectants to wipe down common surfaces can reduce the spread of viruses in the workplace. Depending on the amount of work done in a day, your employees can apply disinfectants every two weeks or more regularly. Also, they should wipe down phones and computer keyboards before a new user uses them. You can always hire professionals to do a deep clean of your office space, but your employees can maintain it tidy in the meanwhile.

The CDC recommends that workplaces provide disposable wipes to clean common office surfaces. These are especially important for cleaning electronic devices, as they are touched by many people and are likely to harbor bacteria and viruses. You can use an antibacterial screen cleaning liquid or a disposable wipe if a wipe doesn't cut it. For computer screens, you can also purchase specialized cleaning solutions. Wipe them down after each use and remove them afterward.

Taking out the trash daily

Taking out the trash daily is simple, but many people don't do it. It's actually one of the best ways to keep the workplace clean. If your employees have a shared trash can, you should assign a member of your team to pick up trash daily. Taking out trash should become part of their daily routine so that it's easy to remember.

Trash bins should be emptied daily to prevent germs from accumulating. Even worse, they can harbor germs and leave a nasty smell indoors. Before you have time to contact professional office cleaning services, your office employees should make sure to maintain their workspace clean and tidy. By taking out trash daily, your employees can ensure the workplace stays sanitary and free from pests. You can easily take out trash as soon as you finish work and before everyone goes home. If you're worried about leaving trash lying around for a week or more, they can simply put a reminder on their computer.

Organizing their desk

When it comes to arranging your workspace, the first step is to decide on what your employees use it for most. They can keep various supplies on your desk, but only those you use daily. To keep them within reach, place them in pencil caddies, or keep them in a box under your monitor. You can also make use of prime desk real estate by placing files and resources close by. They can also eliminate unnecessary items, such as phone books, magazines, or other office supplies, from their workspaces.

Having a neat workspace does more than improve your productivity. Studies have shown that employees with a neat workspace are more creative and innovative than those with a cluttered space. Personal preference should determine how tidy or disorderly a workspace is. For instance, if they have a messy desk, they should organize it so they can access everything within seconds. You should also have an easy way to eliminate clutter, including trash bins nearby.

Cleaning all electronic devices and appliances in the office

Electronics, including laptops, cell phones, and Bluetooth speakers, can collect germs and dust. In cases of relocation from one office space to another, there will be a need for dusting and protecting electronic devices during the move. Preparing employees for relocation is equally essential. Check with them if they are aware of all the procedures for electronic devices and appliances. Before your employees begin cleaning, make sure to unplug these devices and use a damp microfiber cloth. They can use compressed air and divide tasks among them instead of using microfiber cloth pieces. They can use cotton swabs and a sanitizer solution for crevices and grooves. It's important to clean all electronics and appliances in your office thoroughly, especially those in areas where germs can accumulate.

Decluttering their desk

For this action, your employees should start by taking stock of the current arrangements on their desks and other workspaces. Let them decide whether they only need a desk or also filing storage, and list down the items they use and store nearby. They can make a note of the items you use, the type of clutter, and the overall situation.

Once they've cleared everything from your desk, they should also make sure you clear all work-related storage units and any post-its that are piling up. If they're not heavy users of these items, your employees could place them in a designated filing cabinet or on their computer. This way, they can save space and remain eco-friendly. If your employees use these items frequently, they can be placed close to where they can use them most efficiently. If workers rarely use them, they can store them far away.

As you can see, cleaning a workspace doesn't have to be much of a chore. The most crucial benefit is the health a clean space provides your employees. So, stick to these six tips on how to keep the workplace clean, and your employees will greatly appreciate the effort.


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